Friday, December 31, 2010

What Lies Ahead

Until now, just when my fingers started to type, I still have no idea what to write. My blog is idle for a few weeks now and that makes me a little disapppointed with myself. But my mind is still blank or maybe I have loads of ideas and putting it in writing is so much of a work.

Since today is the last day of 2010, maybe I'll start of with how the year had been for me. I was actually backtracking but I guess I don't have that much drama in life and I can't afford to have that kind of life either. I don't like too much complications. I hate to confront anyone, to say things that I would regret later. Maybe "this too shall pass" applies to me so much. It fits my personality. But of course, I have friends who I trust with my secrets. I let it all out to them until I pacify and once I did, I'll always be glad that I didn't let my emotions took over me.

2010 is not so lucky when it comes to family matters. We had problems, big ones at that. Those that you wouldn't have imagine happening and just want to forget. But we were  able to handle with head still  up high. Those that had wish us bad luck, may have been laughing for giving us headaches in the past but our good breeding is still stuck within us and wouldn't leave us fighting back in same dirty way.

In the later part of the year, our supposedly main man just made a grand exit in our lives. But I am not bitter about it. It somehow made us more at peace, me in particular. You may think bad of me, but I am not ashamed admitting it. He had done a whole lot of things in the past that somehow made me thankful he's gone but not entirely though, he's just around the corner, making our lives miserable every once in a while but that is better than living with him entirely so that is something I am still thankful of.

I had become part of 2 companies this year. One, giving me positive and negative experiences. Good people and bad ones. Company that I wouldn't wish coming back to. Haha! The other one is still existing, better than the last one mind you but I am still on love-hate relationship with it. Hopefully, I will be able to decide should I'll be staying or hit the road.

My life revolves around work and my daughter this year. I am proud to note a few successful decisions I made when it comes to Bella. I am proud to say that my girl is breastfed from birth up to 1 year and 4 months of age. She is not dependent on pacifier, feeding bottles and powdered milk. She drinks fresh milk and water on straw and glass respectively. She is not a picky eater. Except for some cough and colds, she never had a serious illness. She is growing up to be a happy baby. The things that we are still on the process of teaching Bella is encourage her more to talk and potty training.

The only sad part right now is I am away from my little girl, its breaking my heart that I am missing her milestones from October 2010 up to now and until around March and April of next year. She just doesnt recognize me anymore and I can't help but be sad about it. My only consolate is seeing her waving at me and throwing flying kisses and watching her sleep during Saturdays and if I am lucky Fridays as well. I can't wait to see her soon.

My Far-ouT and yours truly were separated for more than 1 year. I had to leave Dubai to give birth to Bella and stayed with our little girl for a while and during those times we still made sure to keep our relationship going. Then work came and we were reunited again. I am still having the time of my life with my husband. Though Bella is away from us, we are working together so she will be with us soon. My life will be complete by then. I still thank God that he gave me someone like him. A "Better Half" in every sense of the word.

And now as the year end is coming I hope to have a better and more happiness in life. I will forget the negative effect of this year and look forward to a more positive 2011. Face the new year with head still up high and face the new challenges gracefully. I am not wishing for too much. I only wish for good health and safety for year 2011.

What would I want for 2011?

I am listing a few wishlist at the moment
  1. Be with Bella in April 2011
  2. Get a place for us
  3. Start to save for our house and lot
  4. Visit 1 country in 2011

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