Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

I'm guilty at charge. I'm not in the mood to blog in the past few days. I had so much things to say though. All my photos were compiled in one folder somewhere in my laptop and always tell myself, I'll do it later.  But recent events really caught my attention and I was tuned to Glee all the time. I only started watching it, sometime back and I can't help myself but get hooked on it. I am now on 2nd season, episode 5. The last episode that I had a copy of.

Alright, Rachel may have been the "star" of the show. Her character is annoying and she knows how controlling and conceited she is and her evil deeds are done in an innocent kind of way. I'm not a fan of her voice though. I must say I like the voice of Santana, Britney, Mercedez and Queen more.

I started to hate her even more when Sunshine came out of the picture. She should have gotten the lead role. Or at least be a regular on the show. They have 2 Asians on it anyway.

Enough of Glee. Im thinking of it at lot lately, even on my sleep. Dubai had another holiday and we had 4 days off again. So Far-ouT and yours truly went out again to watch Harry Potter. I am not a fan of this movie. But for the sake of watching, all Harry Potter. We went to Mall of the Emirates.

This mall is one of the biggest malls in Dubai. Its far from where we live though, so I had only visited only a couple of times.

This is famous for Ski Dubai. The indoor snow park. I have tried this only once as well. Just to experience how it felt like to be surrounded by snow. Obviously, its cold.

It would be nice to experience snow one time or another, but it just about it. You wouldn't stand staying in the area for a very long time unless you would want to try skiing as well. I haven't tried it myself, maybe not ever.  When Bella and my mom arrives next year, I'll be able to visit this place again.

After some window shopping, we decided to dine at Mongolian Barbecue to try their cuisines. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy my choice of food plus the fact that the servers were rude as well. I will definitely not come back again.

This is their sizzling beef, dhs 28.00. It looks yummy isn't it? Well, looks can really be deceiving as the beef feels like rubber on my mouth and the taste is plain salty.

The sizzling beef come with a corn soup that is so sweet and rice.

Good thing Far-ouT decided to get Fresh Salad from Mc donald's.

After that not-so-enjoyable meal, we decided to go to the moviehouse and wait for our time.

I had been thinking for almost 30 minutes should I be buying my favorite nachos, I gave in. I really enjoy watching movie munching on this with dips of cheese and salsa Dhs 20.00.

I recently came across Kitsch cupcakes. I was curious on how it taste and am thinking that if I'll like it, I may be serving these on Bella's future birthday celebration in Dubai. So when I had the opportunity to taste it, I didn't hesitate.

I was not wrong, I love it! Superb cupcakes! I swear! You'll love it to the last bite, I am not a fan of icings but the icing on top are surprising yummy. Kisch cupcakes cost Dhs 15 each.

and Oh, yes. I also ordered a huge coke, Dhs 12.

Going out really is expensive. Watching movies cost around Dhs. 30. But I am still thankful for times like these. A sure way to keep you sane on everyday stress.

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