Friday, July 1, 2011

Energy Vampires

I have lots of plans that gave me inspirations to face each day with a positive outlook in life but like all plans, not all of it are bound to happen, at least not for the near future but just a little farther away. Sometimes its frustrating, as reality bites, especially when there are people who stops you from doing so and others who just love to burst your bubbles. I cannot ignore them, though they may think that they are only after what's best, still they are like the energy sucker of your life. Admit it or not, they affect me one way or another. They had me thinking...I know, which something that I shouldn't allow.

I had to postpone some of my dreams right now. I am demotivated. depressed. sad.

But no matter how this is affecting me, I know I should just continue to plan. to dream.

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