Saturday, August 27, 2011

Assia In Wok: Exotic restaurant

Every restaurant has their own marketing strategy to attract customers, with millions of chains around. You better be good in promoting your business to people. I got curious with the name of this place. So once upon a social gathering with friends, I have tried to wooed them into this place and succeed. It was a first for me but also the last. Though their name is eye-catching, the food that they get to offer, did not really impressed me or should I say, nothing was special?

I must admit that this style is nice and inviting

This is Beef sirloin and teriyaki (Dhs 58.00). Beef sirloin, marinated stir-fried with asparagus, baby corn, chinese cabbage, pok choi, shitake mushroom, and intense Japanese sauce.  I didn't enjoy it that much, nothing Juicy about the beef, not tender enough. I wasn't able to enjoy my ordered Jasmin rice (Dhs 10.00) because of this. I was recently had toothache and this added to my frustration.

Below were the other ones that we have ordered.

This is their Yakigyoza. Light weight pastry stuffed with chicken, vegetable, spring onion, and seasoning.

Their Dimsum selection (Dhs 29). I tried them all, but only liked 1 from the four. The rest were so, so.

Sea food fried rice (Dhs 42.) Combination of fried rice, with prawn, and fish, egg, and vegetable, with spring onion toppings.

Sorry for the lack of details, I wasn't in the mood anymore to go futher. Nothing so spectacular. Quite not what I was expecting. but in fairness, the place was nice enough for a few good shots.

No. Not coming back.

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