Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Far-ouT is...

- Funny when he tries to be
- Thoughtful, but not sweet and never attempts to be
- Makes me laugh sometimes, makes me irritated when he just can't answer without frowning his face
- Only made me cry less than 5 times - because I am not a crybaby at all
- Surprised me once, when he lighted candles in the room - to make it smell nice - nothing romantic
- Simple man
- Is a faithful husband
- I am seeing that he will be a good father when I die first, that's means I can leave my children with him - But I rather leave them with my mom instead
- Says I love you everyday without much enthusiasm
- He never said he can't live without me, which is OK, because I also can live without him - I just don't want to - yet.
- He raise his voice to me but smart enough to keep quiet when I raise mine
- Never gives me compliments but admitted once that I'm a total package
- Never jealous, or tries not to show it to me
- Cooks better than me, let me rephase that, more domesticated than I am that makes me proud to be his wife
- A good man
- He readily accepts my apology when I've hurt him, but he rarely say sorry - just acts as if nothing happened
- He doesn't know how to support me and comforts me when I am lonely or feeling down.
- When I tell him something is painful, he will just say - "go to the doctor" or "drink medicine"
- Never makes me feel loved nor special
- Never makes me feel important or his priority

Top reasons why we may break up
  1. Neglecting your partner's feeling is a really hurtful thing that can cause a breakup, and in fact does a lot of the time and it really hurts when they're never considered by the  person whom the love the lost. Always listen to yout partnerand be considerate of how she feels.
  2. Allowing a relationship to get boring and stale is perhaps one of the most tragic ways that once can end, as its pretty much just a case of so little going on that  a person doesn't care anymore. Lack of spontanaeity and "spice" is a relationship's enmey. (Article Source:

- My boyfriend of 5 and husband of 3. I am giving us 2 more years to make it equal, if I can still make it till then - good luck to me.

"I know He is not perfect. Never have been. Never will be. But damn, I should have known better

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