Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coming Soon: A new topic for my blog

Ramadan is almost reaching its end. Our office timings will soon be back to normal. Although, I wasn't really able to enjoy the shortened working hours, I am sure sad that I will be away again for more than 8 hours from Bella. Anyway, what I needed was learn how to manage my time which have improve dramatically this past few months, as I am now learning how to handle my workload, I slip once in a while, staying more hours than what I wanted but still I am proud that I am already learning the ropes of my job. The important thing for me now is that I am working with the best people in my entire career that will not judge me for my failures but support me and help me through my challenges. There are still those who I wish were not there, but they are more manageable than the ones I have worked with before. They are the spices of my life, remember, without them, my life will be a bore. Hahaha!

I am thinking of adding a new topic for my blog and I am already excited to start it. I plan to launch it by September. It has something to do with my job. Something that I hope with be interesting. Anyway, I still have a few more days to plan how I can work it out. I may only be able to post it every Friday and Saturday night when the world is sleeping. I may need to stay a little late so I will be more effective in my writing. My critic has mentioned to me more than a few errors on my grammar and spelling in my blog writing so I make sure to read over and over until I am sure that most of the mistakes were corrected to the best of my ability. If there are still some that I missed, well criticism is most welcome. No, I won't be offended. I overcome my insecurities long time back, thank God, I will even be the first to laugh at my boo boo. Meantime, I still have few left behind entries that I will try to finish before month ends.

Going further, I am thinking of having a journal so I may take notes on my weekly blog post just so not to forget the details on it. how's that for a career?

I hope this new idea of mine will soar high, and hope someday, my blog with find its place in this world.

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