Saturday, October 1, 2011

South Africa's Spur Steak Ranches

We have tried lots of steak from different restaurant already, there's Steak House at Royal Ascott HotelTony Roma's, among others, the best so far was the wagyu beef from Tribe. To add another list from places I have been to, I will tell you about our latest food trip. South Africa's Spur Steak Ranches.

Did you know about the legend of the giant burger? No? So Am I. So, let's hear it

"On the 13th day of October 1985, I was like five year old, the young chief from the land of the flat mountain gathered together his tribe, more that three hundred men and women, and they built a fire that could be seen in villages far away.

Eighteen tons of woods burnt for sixteen hours until the coals were just perfect to grill the biggest hamburger the worls has ever seen

This giant burger, containing 2277.66 kgs of the juicest beef, sizzled on the great fire, and everyone ate and danced into the night. News of the giant hamburger reached the writers of a great book called the Guinness Book of Records, who recorded this historic event for posperity.

The people brought many gifts to the young Chief, who the  gave these gifts to those in need so that they too could share the joy that was in his heart."

Very nice story. So I was thinking that Spur was the name of the young chief, don't you think? Everything about the place was very Native American.

Here goes the foodies, I wasn't very impressed with their Iced Tea (Dhs 8). One of the many mistake of restaurants and fast foods is the right blend of the drink.

The side rice (Dhs 10) was fine but a little bland.

I enjoyed the Caesar Salad (Dhs 32). Just the norm lettuce, tomatoes with cruttons and cheese.

These are the 1/2 Ribs (Dhs 86), a litlle expensive for 3 pieces but definitely, tender and tasty. The mashed potatoes was bland and hard.

We also ordered Bella her fries and chicken fingers (Dhs 16)

And the last and definitely the least, their Buffalo Wings (Dhs 38) which wasn't buffalo at all. Size were the normal chicken wings.

I wasn't very impressed with the food, except for the Ribs, nothing more special.

Thanks Chief, the story was an inspiration

All the best,

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