Thursday, November 24, 2011

The end of my HP laptop

I'm literally technology free for almost a month with the exception of my Blackberry where I could still access my Twitter and Facebook. It was a frustration not to be able to post entries on my blog. Our laptop for 3 years gave up on us. Not exactly the ideal time as we just moved in on our new flat. Expenses just keep on pouring in. Just as what the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

We still tried to save it though, temporarily, asking opinions from several friends who knows something about computers. Judging from all the information we gather, and we sum it all up, we always end up to one conclusion, give it a rest.

Its motherboard is still working. The keyboard works as well, but the screen just went blank. It may have something to do with the monitor. We also heard from other HP users, that their HP laptops has similar problem. The monitor will just go blank after several years of use, we had it quoted for repair but the cost would be almost half of a brand new one with a lifespan of only a year more so we decided to just buy a new one. No, not HP anymore.

This is a tribute to our HP laptop, you served us well for 3 years but not long enough for us to be satisfied with your service. For the benefit of future users, please rectify the problems with your laptops. But still Thank you.

We were advised that brands like Sony Vaio and Asus are goods buys, we bought the latter.

Here is our latest gadget, ASUS

Cheers to you! Please live more than 3 years.

All the best,


sugarCRM development said...

I do not think HP laptop getting end. Still many people want it.

A-Life said...

Thank you for your comment, sugarCRM,

We are all entitled to our own views and opinion.