Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traditional Filipino Dish: TapSiLog

I've been very lazy these past few days and neglected my blog again. I am also whining about not putting good entries on my last few posts.  As much as I would like to be as informative as possible, there seem to be very little excitement events in my life at the moment. I was hoping 2012 would be an fun year for me but so far, nothing much to share. Nevertheless, I still want to keep the blog up and running, so forgive me for being such a bore, here is a much recent recent means overdue food trips.

I love eating Tapsilog (Tapa, sinangag, Itlog), Down memory lane, I even had these days where I only eat Tapsilog for 7 consecutive days even if pimples already pops out of my forehead, I've been hooked. Good thing, Wild Ginger also has this on their menu.

Beef Tapsilog (Dhs 32) is a traditional Filipino dish of wok seared beef of tapa, garlic fried rice and fried egg. Dubai leaving doesn't limit yourself on food. Almost all of our products can be bought here.

I paired the same with Lemon Mojito

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