Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fly, fly my Butterfly

Don't you just love butterflies? During my wedding preps, one of my frustrations was to get a dozens of them and make them fly somewhere during the program, on the vows part perhaps? Anyways, the price of it would definitely make a big impact on our budget so I crossed it out from my wants and concentrated on the needs instead. Arggh! imagine buying them and just let them fly for the purpose of getting one good shot of photo? I still love them despite their expensive amount though.

Aside from dolphins, which I find cute - I like to see colorful butteflies too and when I saw this really nice ring, I bought one:

Presenting my butterfly ring accessory

(photos courtesy of Sofia Antonette)

Its from Springs footwear and accessories, from AED 79, I just got it for AED 59 last Dubai Shopping Festival.

I was able to wear the cute thingie during one of our social event pairing with my purple blouse, denim jeans and floral printed high heels

(photos courtesy of Sofia Antonette)
Now my starfish has a butterfly friend.

Fly high, butterfly.

All the best,

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