Friday, April 6, 2012

Cake at Bake Mart Plus

We live our lives to special occasions. Cakes just have to be one of the highlights in every buffet table. Although, I was never a big fan of cakes and icings on it, celebrating an event is not as special as it suppose to be without cakes. And I am a sucker for party planning. I must admit that I have limited options with suppliers in Dubai though. It doesn't offer much of good tasting cake. Unfortunately, they are not as good as the ones we have in our home country.

But I don't necessarily have to settle for anything less. So I search and search until I find something better. And so I did. I want to share with you BakeMartPlus.

I have bought 2 cakes from them already for 2 birthdays in March, Far-ouT and Mame's. I was actually surprised when I tasted it for the first time. It was good. But I needed to be assured of its taste so I bought the same Tiramisu for the second time before I shared it all to you. So far, so good.

They also have a nice box if you wanted it to buy for a gift.

My mini ME love blowing candles on top of cakes so its a must for me to have it once in a while.

Even if its not her birthday yet.

We sure need to light up the candles several times for her to blow before we eat them.

I have yet to taste their other cakes so I can update you and give you an idea about their taste.

BakeMart Plus is located in Karama, along the side of the post office and near the Options Bldg.

Have a lovely birthday.

All the best,

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