Friday, August 10, 2012

Blast from the past!

I just drop an entry in a lazy Friday afternoon with my mini ME, whilst she brows the internet, I also have some quiet time to write about something. She loves YouTube by the way. But sometimes, we need to filter the videos she watch, not those violent or porn entries that needs parental guidance but those cartoons with some other language or those that only uses sign languages like Mr. Bean and teletubbies. And we only take out her laptop during weekends.

The past week was another riot one especially as Far-ouT had to travel back to the Philippines for 2 weeks. Sad that it wasn't such a good time because of the current weather condition in our country. Nevertheless, he was able to help in his own way by volunteering in search and rescue operations.

We also had a little sharing  of blessing in our office when one of our colleague spearheaded a donation campaign to World Food Program. I will try to get the details from her so I could post it here.

One of the highlights of my previous week was a birthday bash of our friend. It was always something to look forward to. He always wanted something glam. Hahaha!

This time around it was a blast from the past!

Eighties style includes neon clothings, leg warmers, polka dots, acid jeans, baggy blazers, etc. Its like people are still trying to find themselves then. Looking for ways to express creativity and individuality.

The first thing that I thought of about 80s was the neon clothings and the "let's get physical," Its funny that amidst my corporate slavery work loads I still manage to think about what to wear for the party. Its a good stress-buster. According to one quote I read from @ihatequotes: "Regularly having fun is a key factor in having a happly life; people who have fun are twenty times more likely to feel happy." So I am leading may life to it, even if there are some part of my life that I feel isn't right, make the most of out the other part of it.

Anyway, my inspiration was one of Anne Curtis' style during a party


It was a night of glamour, neon colored clothes, wigs, etc. (oh by the way, for those of you who doesn't know what etc means? Its End of Thinking Capacity - cool eh? I just learned that from a former colleague's son).

plus barrels of fun and loads of food

posing for the camera is the fun part of it all, something you can use for profile pictures on social networking sites. Haha

Back to the future on the next post

All the best,

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