Friday, December 14, 2012

The Noodle House

My latest food trip is a taste of Thailand. I've heard a lot about good food in The Noodle House and I have been bothering Far-ouT to take me to the place every opportunity I had. So once a upon a time, my chance was right before my eyes and I grabbed it. You know, Carpe Diem! Hahaha!
And so here we are in one of their branches in Burjuman. They only have a small area in this mall. When we came, we only waited for a few seconds and luckily had our table from one of the customers who were already leaving during our conversation with the receptionist.
I find the plate setting cute. Just a simple spoon and fork and chopsticks wrapped in the table napkin. Neat!

As you know, this is our first time to try The Noodle House so we really don't know what is happening until we called the server and was informed that we need to tick our order from this list.

See, another first. Isn't cute?

I am seeing a lot of this kind of set-up lately from most of the restaurants, where the kitchen are visible to the customers. It just show the hygiene and cleanliness of their place.

These are the condiments.

I ordered one of their dimsum, shrimp siew mai (Dhs 25/4pcs.). 

Its new from their menu - I just find it soggy though and had too much taste of the wrapper instead of the shrimp, maybe this is better of as fried.

This is the Crispy chicken with plum sauce (Dhs 54.00)

I don't find the chicken crispy enough and the presentation was quite plain and boring.

But the taste was A-Ok, more on the sweet side of a dish.

This is their house favorite - Roasted Duck (Dhs 45/Quarter). You may also order for half and whole serving.

Its my first time to taste a duck and its really something new,

By the way, you wrap the duck in this white wrapper.

I wasn't impressed with my first bite considering I had a lot of raves about it. But after several more bites, I appreciated the taste already.

Far-ouT ordered the Shanghai noodles with beef tenderloin from their Wok Fried Noodles

You know what? I actually thought that The Noodle House has lots of soup noodles to offer my mistake but they only have like 3 dishes from the wet noodles and soup.

Nevertheless, I love the taste of it.

We order my mini-ME her own meal from their kids menu. I like this better that the Crispy chicken with plum sauce actually and I mistakenly thought this was that menu until the server brough my order.

I would still recommend you to try The Noodle House - they have several branches
Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai International Financial Centre, Gloria Hotel - Dubai Media City, The Dubai Mall

All the best (get a better view by clicking on the photos),

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