Friday, May 10, 2013

Bare it all at Pastels Salon

Today, I am happy. Although I cannot divulge that information as yet until I have completed that task. Anyway, I want to share with you a place where I usually visit during my pamper and me-time first.
I think I can't live anymore without waxing. I am, unfortunately, hairy, so I need to remove the unwanted hairs on all the unwanted areas like my upper lip, underarm, half legs and the you-know-where. I always try to look for a nice place to have all these services done and finding the right salon is hard to do in Dubai. There are so many of them that offer services but you can only trust a few. Then I chance upon Pastel Salon. They have a wide range of services for the hair, nail, face and body treatment and ever since my first session, I always come here for my waxing.  I have revealed to them my most kept secret...(eherm)..."thing" and I was not disappointment. They have been taking care of me for the longest time.
Without further ado, let me tour you to one of my haven,
This is where I always had my session.  See how clean the place is? It is important that you check the place that you wish to have your waxing. Another reason why I chose this salon, is because they put thin gloves during your session. They always observe  good hygiene for their clients.

I have been choosing their lycon wax over the hot wax where they use strip. Less pain for me. Have you been in Lay Bair in the Philippines? They use cold wax, its similar to that but Lycon is hot. Although, its more expensive that the normal wax, I still prefer this to be used for Brazilian waxing.

This is where their facial is being done. I haven't tried one of these as yet - maybe in the near future.

They maintained cleanliness of their wash/bath rooms, of course.

This is for manicure and pedicure area. I like the small lavatory for the feet.

This is for the hair services. I was actually want to kick my royal behind several weeks ago because, I had my hair done in another salon and now I am wearing a not-so-nice hairdo. I am just awaiting for it to grow long again and swear to never experiment with my locks or use a different place again.

Pastel Salon have several branches in UAE. I hope you enjoyed the mini tour.
All the best

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