Thursday, September 24, 2015

YumBox Bento lunchbox

My mini-ME is not a picker-eater but she wants to eat food in small portion. I tried to find a lunchbox where we could provide her with variety of food while in school but not lucky enough to find them in Dubai. I chance upon the YumBox on the internet but it is not available here either. My friend from the US is scheduled to come home to the Philippines last September 2015. We were chatting online when I suddenly remembered how I wanted to get the YumBox lunchbox. I ordered from the YumBox website and arranged the delivery to her home address in the US. After only a few days she already received the items without hassle.

From Philippines, my other friend's brother is coming back to Dubai from his vacation. Haha! Imagined the travel time of my YumBox! From US to Philippines, from Philippines to Dubai. I was so happy to received them just a few days ago considering my waiting time, but its all worth it as Bella loved her Yumbox and insisted on eating on them even at home. 

I got the Lavande purple and Pink Lemonade from their New 2015 Pastel collection.

The Lavande purple has 6-compartment food tray. Includes exterior box and circus illustrated tray. Five 1/2 cup portions of the key food groups plus dip/treat well. The good thing about it as well is we can pack wet food like yogurt and dips (not water though). This is ideal for toddlers-age 8.

I also chose the Pink Lemonade from their 4-compartment food tray collection which is a 3 cup volume: One 2 cup sandwich/salad-friendly section, two 1/2 cup servings plus a 1 oz. dip/well treat. This one is ideal for kids and adults.

I can mix and match trays and Exterior boxes with the 2015 Paster Collection. Although the previous models are not compatible with it. 

I also ordered the YumBox insulated cooler bag. It is a spacious and sturdy insulated polyester tote bag with removable shoulder strap. This can carry 2 Yumboxes in a flat or side position where you can also add drinks and snacks and other cold packs. 

Its PVC-free, BPA-free, Phthalates-free. Only wipe to clean. 

Its quite big yet for Bella to carry to school. The Yumboxes fits standard sizes totes so we will use her current punchbag.

I am planning to use the bag for breastmilk ones Baby Uno is out and I am back to working.

All the best

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