Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Gift from Sassy Hairsies

Last October 18, 2010, I received a FB message from Tin Malonzo-Torres, the one behind Sassy Hairsies. I was surprised and ecstatic at the same time when I read her message: That she'd like to send some hairsies for my beautiful Bella. I was so excited! I just can't believe that Bella will have her first ever Sassy Hairsies for Free!

It was so nice of her to give something to someone as an appreciation because I added her to my blogroll. Why not? I love looking at her collection. I wanted to be updated on her accessories. Though, I have not tried ordering from her yet...I find it weird, really, I kept staring at her work and visit her site every now and then but still can't decide which stuff to buy. Maybe that was the reason why Tin notice me and made contact.

I will soon buy more stuff from her...Few of my favorites that I kept looking at because Sassy Hairsies will have a holiday treat for all of us...FREE shipping for orders Php 1000 for Metro Manila orders and get 50% for orders over Php 1,000 and get a FREE shipping for orders over Php 2,000 for all provincial addressess. I don't want to miss this one.

This is my Bella's first ever Sassy Hairsies.

If I'm not mistaken, Bella got blue Heidi Headband, Hailey clippies, and the last pink piece is actually very hard to know from Tin's collection, but I am guessing it is Jessica. I hope I got it right.

Heidi headband - Two hydrangea flowers lay side by side each other, both with genuine Swarovski rhinestone at the center. These gorgeous flowers sit on a coordinating soft nylon elastic ribbon that will fit infants up to kids age 4ish - depending on the kid's size of head. This headband is perfect for the beach or a night out during these hot summer days.

Hailey - is a set of 3 very cute, coordinated and Halloween themed clippies. Each is made of imported grosgrain ribbon on a double prong alligator clip. The theme is subtle enough that is can be use even after the ghost season.

Jessica - If I got it correctly, these gorgeous little dainty flower is perfect for this season where gatherings are happening here and there, or a great photography prop for that season's greetings card.

I have yet to get a photo of Bella wearing her pretty hair accessories. I am sure it will look great on her.

So grab your Sassy Hairsies today.

Thanks again, Tin! It was such a lovely gift. I like!- (Some information were taken for Sassy Hairsies website)

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