Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lemongrass: A Thai Restaurant

When the rest of the world says Thank God Its Friday, as weekend would start every eve of that day, we are one day advance. So we do most of the gimmicks, laundries and other household chores on a Thursday night just so to chill out and relax the following day. And yesterday was no exception, as we went and treat ourselves in One Fine Dining. Its not really the Fine Dining that we know, where you would dress up and wonder which spoon to use, but for us it is already, as prices are not the ones we usually would want to splurge on.

Far-ouT, 2 other friends and yours truly attempt to conquer the difference cuisines the world has to offer and since we were feeling Thai yesterday, our first stop is the Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant located just across Lamcy Plaza. It was difficult to find a parking on such day so we found a spot a little far from it. Nevertheless, it was something we look forward to as we are about to taste a different cuisine.

What I notice first was the homey ambiance the place has to offer.

Even the washroom has its elegance look.

Now for the highlights of our evening, we had the homemade lemongrass drink, AED 12 (approx Php144). They also have the lemongrass tea, the hot version.

If you would like to taste a bottle of perfume, then try this. Now I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of their lemongrass drink. The presentation was awesome, with orchid and all, but goodness! I can't stand its taste. Maybe is healthy but if I will be unhealthy for not drinking it, so be it. I am not the only one who doesn't approve of its taste, mind you, as well as my companions who ordered the same one. We have come to a conclusion that, we are just not use to its taste so we decided to order a bottle of water (water in Dubai is not free) and move on with our appetizer.

For starters, we had lemongrass set, AED 46 (approx Php552). Its a mixed of vegetable spring rolls, marinated chicken in pandan leaf, glass noodle salad with winced chicken, prawn cakes, served with traditional thai dip. The set menu is good for 2 persons.

The taste was superb! I love it. Everything has a unique blend of taste. The price we had to pay for this was definitely worth it. The set meal alone was already enough to fill our empty stomach. But the gluttons that we are, ordered the main course and eat to our heart's delight.

This is the Far-ouT's food for the evening, Pad Thai, AED 30 (approx Php 360). Its a wok-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, chicken served in an egg wrapping. It has a sweet taste, it was ok but was so-so for me.

Another one for Clif was the Senlek Pad Pong Garee, AED 35 (approx Php 420) intriguing ey? Well is it a curry flavored stir fried rice noodles with prawns, chicken or beef. I like it too, the curry was not so strong but still with the distinct taste.

Allen and yours truly ordered the same menu, Kao Pad, AED 32 (approx Php384) but his was medium spicy, mine's not,  its mostly fried rice with mixed seafood vegetable

What I had was definitely yummy! Love the taste.

Notice that the color is a little darker from this dish, maybe because of the spicy condiment added to it? Who knows, right?

To top it all, we enjoyed the food and the big servings. All of us were so full after the meal and have leftovers that we took home for breakfast the following day. The service was also ok, with mostly Thailanders who were attentive and accommodating all through out our dining in.

I also was able to notice that Lemongrass was awarded for 3 consecutive years for their good food and service. They are the only lemongrass in the whole Dubai, the reason why people are flocking to have a taste of their food.

You will never go wrong with their menu except for the lemongrass drink,  it was indeed a nice start for our little adventure and looking forward for more. I hope.

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