Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mercato Mall

I can't help myself. I am here again starting my blog with a heavy heart. I will be 2 months on November 10 with my new job and I am still coping up with all my work load. I was given only 2 weeks to find my ways and I am still struggling as of time of writing. Its frustrating and my morale are so down low. I feel downgraded and stupid. The expectations were high as I had the experience but I got the feedback that I am not meeting it. What is wrong with me?  I had all sorts of boost of confidence from my fellow colleagues, it helps somehow but not entirely. I couldn't get over this feelings. I know myself, I know its not healthy, though, but it is who I am. Positive thinking is not on my list of good points and I am aware of that. I dont lull on thinking that everything will be fine. My pessimistic me is my survival kit.  I am having all sort of self destructive thoughts, haha! Paranoia is striking like lighting bolts through my veins.

Nevertheless, I bounced back. I am still giving myself a chance to prove to myself that I can do it. I am trying my best to improve. Maybe one more month will be enough to learn the ropes?

Enough of the heavy. On a different note, Far-ouT and yours truly went out again to avail of our free movie tickets that we got when he bought his new touch screen mobile phone. However, we couldn't be choosy on the film as it is on limited options.

From the list of option given to us, we decided to watched the Unstoppable. It is 2010 action thiller starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. It is a story of a runaway train, and the 2 characters attempts to stop it. At first I thought the movie deserve a snooze but after a while, I was glued on it. It was becoming a one heart pounding movie till the end of the story. It was ok, but nothing to rave about though.

After the movie, we grabbed a bite at Hardy's. Far-out! ordered Regular Cordon bleu combo, AED 18.00 (approx Php 216)

I wasn't able to taste it though, because I was also busy munching the burger that I ordered. I asked Far-ouT how does it taste, and he said it tasted like the usual cordon blue...obviously.

Mine's, Porto melt combo, AED 19.00 (approx Php 228).

It's surprisingly deli!  I may have to order the same one, once we decided to dine here again.

All these and more at Mercato mall. Mercato mall is location along Jumeirah Beach road. It has a unique blend of Tuscan and Venetian structure with a theme of Renaissance period.

This fountain caught my attention as well. Creepy.

You will be even be surprised at how beautiful the inside of the mall is. It has a charming cobbled web street-like features.

Yes, it is just one of the malls with a very festive atmosphere as Christmas holidays is just around the corner.

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