Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mary Brown fast food

I am having a hard time for blogging lately. I envy bloggers who really have the time to post an entry and maintained a very nice piece regularly, not to mentioned earning money from it. That would be ideal, in time, I'll be able to find my passion. But for now, I'll just make the most out of it.

These past few days were spent working, not only physically but mentally as well. I can't help but unleashed the born-worrier in me. Especially during these times when I am still trying find my ways in work. Its still frustrating, I am still worried that I'd missed something again. I never imagined that my previous work made a difference in me, negatively. I became paranoid, nevertheless, that was the thing of the past, I am making an effort to remove this nagging feeling every now and then. I am just saying to myself, what's the worse thing that could happen anyway. I just think of happy thoughts.

On a different note, my Far-ouT and yours truly dine out and grabbed a bite at Mary Brown, just a walking distance from our flat. Our flat is located in a nice spot. Everything is walking distance. Anyway, My Far-ouT asked me why I'd write something about this. Its just Mary Brown. Well, just a Mary Brown to us but we don't have it in the Philippines, that's why.

And so I continued. It just the usual fastfood. Chicken and all.

If I am not mistaken, their Mascot is a chipmunk. Hahaha! I remembered Alvin and the chipmunks from it. Did you know that most fastfood here doesn't serve rice at all? Only bread. Thank goodness, MB serves it now. But it doesnt come cheap. It cost Dhs 6.00 (Approx Php 72.00).

It is sold separately from the Value meal (Dhs 14.00) that we ordered. But infainess, their chicken tastes good. They serve it spicy and original. I had requested the thigh part to be just the original version as I don't like spicy food, unfortunately, the order taker misunderstood, so I had to exchange my precious thigh part from Far-ouT's wing part.

and ohh, I forgot to mention, even gravy is hard to find, even Mcdonald's doesn't have it. How sad for those who can't live their chickens without it. Ordering gravy is expensive as well, it cost Dhs 2.00 ( Approx Php 24.00). Imagine a cup of gravy for that amount? Philippines can have Gravy-all-you-want!

I wasn't thrilled with our food and I am still craving for something to munch, so I added another carbo loading food for my stomach to grind. Corn on a Cob. This cost Dhs 6.00 (approx. Php 72) Yaiks! I can buy it for Php 20.00 in the Philippines.

It wasn't even sweet corn! Bland taste and excuse me for my photo please.

I must add, the area has a nice park-like place

and a separate place should you wish for a children's party. It wasn't ideal for me, because it was long and narrow. But if it will only be for a few people, well, its would still not be ideal for me...sorry. We attended a birthday party in this place and we end up, crowded.

Anyway, we'll still come back for more when need be.

Goodness, I started this blog with a heavy heart and I ended up with a smile. Blogging can really be a therapy for stress. I should try to blog more to keep my emotions at ease.

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