Friday, January 7, 2011

True African Tribes

Then first 6 days of 2011 for me was nothing expectacular. The usual thing at work and the life after it. Why 6 days, you asked? Because 6th is my birthday. I am 31 years old. Yaiks! Not getting younger anymore. My mom told me that I am now a responsible mature woman with a caring husband and a cute baby. Isn't it sweet? I never really gave her problems while I was growing up. I was never a rebel child but I know I didn't missed anything while growing up either. I had some typical teenage stuff but I never did something that will scar myself for life.  If I was in trouble, I solved it on my own. Guess, I was trained to be independent, which I think, was a good thing. I learned on my own. Looking back, I realized how my decisions in life affected who I become and I am proud to say that I never really had a major downfall during my past 30 years of existence. Of course, there were moments of weakness but I was still able to stand up from it. I always thought that the life that I chose was the way that I wanted it to be. No regrets. I aged gracefully.

Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, Far-ouT was driving without me knowing where we were headed. I always let him decide when it comes to food adventure.

So, we went to Mall of the Emirates and dine in Tribes. From the name itself, their menu has been inspired by the amazing foods and flavors of Africa. Africa is an extremely diverse continent, with numerous tribes, who not only speak different languages, they also have different foods, which they prepare and serve to their family and friends with a lot of pride. There are a large number of outside influences which have enhanced the menus in Africa including the Spice Islands of the North, the French influences of the South, the Portuguese influences along the African coast and the Arabic flavors of the areas connected with the Middle East.

My Far-ouT took this photo with my phone camera, do you think he has a career on Photography? He always wanted to buy a DSLR (is that how you call it? I am not familiar with it so excuse me).

Let's start of with the service of tribe, as it was the first thing that I noticed. Everybody was very accomodating. Most of them were Africans (obviously). They were very personalized. The order taker was giving suggestions on their menu and even said that one drink that Far-ouT was choosing was not that good and gave another one. I appreciated that gesture. He also checked in on us, every once in a while just to see if we need anything.

We were given the menu. See how detailed it is and leave us for a while to think on what to order.

While waiting for our orders, we were given complimentary bread served hot

and crunchie.

The starters took time to be served but the wait was worthwhile as we were given a different taste of food.

This is our salad, this is what they call Rainbow (Dhs 35) from their list of Infino Salads. Crispy Iceberg lettuce, Cos lettuce, corn kernels, shavings of beetroot, carrot, fennel and red radish, with slices of fresh tomato, drizzled with wood apple dressing.

And this is Multi Tribal Sausage platter (Dhs 40). Grilled beef, chicken, camel and lamb sausages, served with onion and dried fig jam.

For our drinks, we both had Tribes' mocktails. Mine's their Special Tribe (Dhs 20), Fresh strawberries, Fresh limes, Brown Sugar, dash of Cranberry juice with crushed iced. Far-ouT's Aroma of Africa (Dhs 20) - Cinnamon Stick, Fresh Mint Leaves, Orange Juice, Lemonade

We were almost done with the 2 dishes when our main course arrived. I let my Far-ouT choose my course and it was a good choice.

Wagyu Blade - Need I say more? The beef was tender and juicy, cooked just the way I want it. Well, this also comes with a price, for 300g it cost Dhs 165. Nevertheless, this has been the most delicious steak I have ever tasted so far.

Far-ouT dish is also not so bad, fish of course, Snapper Fillet (Dhs 85). Baked fillet, served with grilled zucchini, cabbage, beef bacon, and potato cake and a tomato flavored prawn butter.

Our dine in experience with Tribe is really a blast, with true African music? Bob Marley is that you? The ambiance is also a sight as every detail is so much Africa!

This food trip really made my day.

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