Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your best cup of Joe

As what the saying goes, Star makes me a poet. Moon makes me a singer. Coffee makes me a dreamer.

How do you defined a coffee lover? Does drinking coffee several times a day makes you a coffee addict? I only drink coffee every morning and have two all time favorite coffee drink, brewed coffee with milk and Starbucks mocha Frappuccino. Does that make me a coffee fanatic?

Way back in the Philippines, my former boss, also my all time favorite boss and my ninang on my wedding from Sari-Sari Group of Companies is also a coffee lover. BIG TIME! She is a black coffee drinker with no sugar and milk.  I remember her everyday liquid intake is always coffee. When we left the company we still hang out together and update each other over a cup of coffee from Starbucks, always in Cubao branch. Still miss her and every chance I have to meet her, she will always find time to meet me. Always, always a nice conversation.

She told me on one of our conversations that she also love drinking brewed coffee from Dunkin Donuts because they always use fresh grind coffee bean.

Here in Dubai, below our flat is Dunkin Donuts and I used buy coffee there every weekend until I realized that I am spending too much money on it and it would be much better if I buy my own coffee maker. This is my first coffee beans courtesy of Far-ouT. Imagine that I have coffee beans already but no coffee maker yet. I was obliged to buy one.

And so I did. Definitely another dirhams to save. Now I only buy coffee beans from them and have them grind.

Recently though, we chance upon different coffee beans from Carrefour and tried several already.

This is Brazilian Santos -Arabic roast (Dhs 45/kilo). Brazil Santos is usually used as a grading term for Brazilian coffee rather than a variety of Arabica. The name refers to the port in Brazil where coffee passed through, and was regarded as higher quality than "Brazilian coffee". Brazilian Santos is usually of the Bourbon variety - (wikipedia)

I didn't like it that much, there is some herb after taste (I am not sure if it is cardamom) but definitely not my type of coffee. But we bought like half a kilo and instead of disposing it, I still drank it every day until it was finished. Would you believe that I kindda love its taste eventually? But not buying the same again.

I have leveled up to Dhs 55 per kilo. This is Roasted Medium Mexico. They have a balanced acidity, medium body, and full flavor that offers a sweet finish. They truly have everything to offer in a delicious Mexican coffee. Im so excited with my current coffee, I am so loving it. Just the taste I wanted. I like my coffee strong and bitter even with milk already in it.

Ahh, I didn't realized, I bought the same coffee beans, its still my current love anyway.

Roasted Medium Vietnam

Brazil Coffee

They will grind it for you as well.

Trivia: My mom watched an episode of "I forgot the name of the TV show" were they featured Aga Muhlach and all the different kinds of coffee beans that he has. Now I wanted to taste all the coffee beans of the world.

What you have been looking for in the best cup of Joe? I will be posting another one once my current love, love, love is finished.

All the best,

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