Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Thoughts: A-Time Out from Work

Got a new signature. Something more like my handwriting, but still not quite. I am more of "all caps" handwriter. Anyway, below will do. I have been blogging about foods and my new topic Moving and relocation this past few days. Never really had time for my thoughts. Its hard to find time to put my thoughts into words as eventhough I am on local vacation leave for 2 weeks, I am busy with my tasks. I am actually on my project: Bella potty training.
Every morning for 7 days now, I ask Bella to come with me in the toilet and let her sit in the toilet bowl. She actually will sit for about 1 minute and then she'll tell me "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay). She is diaper free for the whole day and I asks her several time should she wants to pee and she will repeat the same words to me, "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay).

When I sense that there's an urge for her to pee, I will immediately carry her to the toilet and let her sit on the toilet bowl. But again after sometime she will tell me "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay). She is holding it until she couldn't control it anymore and end up peeing on the floor.

Do you think is not ready yet? Should I just give up and just try it again some other time?

On a different note, I am also happy that she's learning a lot of words already. There are even words that surprised us. A former colleague of mine also suggested us to buy Bella Brilliant Baby DVDs which we did, adding Brainy Baby as well. She's not entirely into it yet as she will only watch it for several minutes and headed to her next antics but its a help indeed. Bella is also loving Barbie movies which she prefers over her new DVDs.

Also, Bella made her first visit to the dentist. We were not very successful with this. As she refused to sit on the dentist's chair. My bad! I was actually teaching her how to open her mouth, I forgot to tell her to sit first on the chair. Good thing the dentist was encouraging us to take it easy and just introduce the place. We will have another visit to the doctor and will tell you more about it.

Those were my activities in the past fews days. I still have a few more to spend with my sassy Bella. I have a few plan of my own in the near future like making my savings a full blast and getting my own savings account. That only means one think, postponing my travel plans and spendings.

All the best.

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