Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My tiny little notebook

I just realized today that it's actually nice to have some time off from work because I am missing it. Not much but still missing it, just a little. A very, very, little miss. Tiny, minute, detail of miss in every sense of the word. Not the miss part but the little. I have no idea if I am making any sense now. Anyway, when you are not working, your mind wanders a lot. Mine does. All the time actually. But I also have this "what was I thinking just a while ago?" and "I was planning to do something but I forgot already" Oh yeah. I was blaming the anesthesia when I gave birth to Bella. Yes, I was on twilight sleep. I actually did not discuss with my doctor on how I will gave birth. I surely don't want the pain of Lamaze. Despite my mom's encouragement, I would still prefer the painless way. No offense to those who want to give natural childbirth. I know myself well enough that I might not want to get pregnant again If I experience something painful. I have a high tolerance for it but I still don't want it, if I could help it, and yes,  even if I will be restrained and strapped to gurneys and my legs will be clamped in stirrups for hours. Period. End of story.

Going forward, several days ago, I bought myself a tiny notebook. Just to take note of the things I wanted to buy or do in the next few days to come. I also am writing down some of my thoughts on future plans. Its working as I browse through it just in case, I run into things that I needed to buy.

Last Wednesday, 28 September, after i bought my tiny, little notebook, I started listing the things I plan to buy for the month of October and some things that I wanted to do in the near future and its actually working. I think that it is also saving me time and money. Time, because, I do not need to roam around the mall thinking what am I suppose to buy, I dont need to think a lot trying to remember the things that I needed to do and Money, as I will not spend on things I don't really need.

Things to buy in the month of October

Slippers - Just bought today, I was planning to buy these several weeks ago but kept on forgetting and now with the help of my tiny little book, I succeed.

White dress for Bella - We went to Al Ghusais last Monday for Mom's appointment on her Emirates ID, then went to Festival Mall for our breakfast in IKEA, good thing, I also planned on buying Bella's white dress in Gingersnap, Bella has her Ninang's birthday party this weekend with white theme. Save us time and energy. I am so loving my tiny little book

Swimsuit for Bella - Also included in our list for today. We plan our beach again over the weekend
and I do not want Bella wearing her shirt and underwear again.

Brilliant Baby DVDs - Included in our list last Monday. Far-ouT bought several DVDs from Hyperpanda.

Jar at IKEA - Yes, a jar. Since I couldn't find a nice piggy bank in Dubai. I just thought of using a nice jar for Bella's savings. I just thought about it several days ago and good thing I wrote it and so did not forget! I love her Jar.

Office attire - Far-ouT and yours truly have decided to buy ourselves, one item a month including Mame and Bella. So this is what I bought for the month of October. Yes, we are not big spenders and we are still recuperating from a big amount of money that we had to let go for something important.

Sim card for Mame - My mom was here since May and we just kept on forgetting to buy her a sim card. And because of the incident happened were Bella accidentally locked herself inside the bathroom, I am not taking any more chances. Good thing, we were on vacation and we were at the flat when this happened.

My future personal plans:

Saving for LASIK eye surgery cost for 2013. I dont want the contact lenses not glasses anymore.

Start saving for life insurance policy on January 2012.

Start my own bank account savings on January 2012.

Family life immediate goal:

Celebrate our 18th of every month.

Potty training for Bella

Allot 30 minutes every night to teach Bella the alphabet, number and colors

On work related issue, I only have until Saturday and vacation is finished. SO SAD! Hopefully, I believe and I am sure, I will be staying late nights again in our office to catch up on things, I want to be more strict with my timings, maybe staying only up to 7:00 PM for 1 week then once everything is settled and back to normal, I will only stay until 6:00 PM, latest will be at 6:30. My goal is to go home on time actually, 5:30 PM, who am I kidding? Not for now, but I know I will get there someday.

All the best,

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