Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A French Wedding to Remember

I just want to share with you a quick post. Recently Far-ouT was invited to a wedding of his colleague. They were a lovely French couple. The reception was held in their residence in Jumeirah triangle which was a nice garden setting. The evening was cold and quiet. It was a relaxed mood, and everybody was just so nice.

It was my first time to attend a wedding reception in Dubai and I must say, I loved it. It wasn't like the ones I attended in the Philippines where couple is expected to have a grand wedding with costly buffet meals for guests, expensive gowns, luxurious bridal car and reception venue, whilst guests were requested to buy gifts - monetary gifts preferred. I was one of guilty bride who wished for a lavish wedding. Who wouldn't? Its every woman's dream. What I witnessed was a breath of fresh air, although there would still be another big celebration in their home country, the one they prepared in Dubai was still well-designed. It was a laid-back atmosphere, some of the guests, even the bride herself, were on foot, enjoying the feel of the green grass. There were only few seats, sofas, table with soft music filling the air

The best thing on the event were the food. There were wines and liquors, mostly Japanese foods - sushi, sashimi, makis. And something that caught my attention, bread and cheese.

These and more placed in several huge white pots. Nothing like the ones I remember in my home country - no rice, no different viands and over flowing list of desserts lined up in a long table.

This wedding was a simple but elegant one. No hassle, just total fun and relaxed evening.

What is your kind of wedding?

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