Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tim Hortons cafe & bakeshop

I never knew there were such a coffee shops as Tim Hortons. Forgive me for being ignorant. The only famous for me is Starbucks - Admit it, the shop is more like a mushroom that keep on popping up everywhere you go. So when I first heard of Timmy's (as what my colleague calls it), it stirs excitement to my bone.

I think my colleague felt my frustration as its been weeks that I've been dying to try their coffee and donuts - I've actually been picturing myself just sitting and sipping the coffee from a very cold morning.

As a very thoughful person that she is, she ended my whining and invited me to Tim Hortons - as a treat! Weee! So excited!

She said that their bagel is a must try.

Indeed. Above is cheddar bagel with cream cheese (Dhs 13). You may order this as plain as well. I am not a fan of this kind of bread product but tasting it with cream cheese was a delight.

Aside from it, we also tried the timbits (Dhs 9/box), its like the munchkins of Dunkin Donuts.

And of course, the coffee!

Iced Capp Supremo (Dhs 21). This is what I love! love! love! of course, the whipped cream was an added treat.

Tim Hortons is more popular in Canada but now making waves in Dubai - and definitely stirs the competition of coffee shops. They also have a lot to offer. Different kinds of breads, cupcakes, croissant, cookies,

Donuts! donuts! and more donuts to choose from

Try it,

(photo courtesy of The National)

The cafe is always jam packed so make sure to bring with you lots of patience too as it worth all the wait.

That's not all, I also have a take home gift, grind coffee

Finally, I don't to day dream it any more. Ekk! I am being more of a drama queen.

All the best,

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