Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its Showtime in Dubai

Yes, you read it right. Showtime was in Dubai yesterday, 2nd of December, and we were one of the hundreds of people who went and watched the show. It was a one of the few Filipino shows that I really wanted to see, live. A refreshing night to remember - away from all the everyday hassle and bustle of Dubai A-Life.

It was timing that Dubai is also celebrating Islamic New Year and its 40th Anniversary and declared Thursday and Saturday as holidays.

We bought tickets for the VIP seats for AED 120. Not bad to see the hosts a little closer. Only downside was, Dubai Airport Expo was a hot venue. Nevertheless, it was a fun evening watching Showtime. Sorry, no decent photos to share this time. It was dark and my mobile camera wasn't fit for the ocassion.

Hosts Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis introduced one of the contestants during the program. Back were Hurados, Danny Buenafe, Karylle and Jon Avila

One of the contestants highlighting their stunts. They were also declared as winner tied up with another winner who came all the way from KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabi)

One of my scores. I was scared to be seen by the hosts, I might be asked to do a "sample". That would kill the h*ll out of me, I swear!

It was also my first time to wear my boots I bought last year from Naturalizer. I was actually having second thoughts as I might not be able to enjoy the night with sore feet but was surprised how comfortable it was. Thank goodness.

I came across 1 tweet from The Bag Hag that I really like and wanted to share with you all before I end my blog for the day. "Dress well and look good. Because you love yourself. Indeed.

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