Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nine West black High Heels shoes

I'm feeling so happy and lucky these past few days because I get to buy things that I love at a cheaper price. Shallow, right? Well, I don't really like spending too much for personal things as I prefer buying stuff for my daughter. So when I see items that I really like at  a cheaper price, I'm not having second thoughts anymore, I just go ahead and indulge once in a while.

I realized how much I desire (high heels) shoes when I bought my first ever floral printed high heels, and from then, I get to be more confident and at ease wearing shoes now.

Just recently, I found another love! love! love! item from brands for less. Mind you, this is Nine West

Black shoes with 3 inch heels.

I love the fit of these pair.  Comfy.

Yes, its genuine. You know why? During one of our recent window shopping, I saw the same shoes on sale at Nine West.

What's even more surprising was, I bought the shoes much cheaper than the sale price! Imagine my happiness when I compared the amount.

And I was able to wear them already on our next Fab Thursday.

I wore my feather necklace, white blouse and jeans with it.

All the best,

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