Monday, February 13, 2012

Pierchic Valentine Lunch Date

Its the love! Love! Love! for the month of February. Although, its not a tradition for us to celebrate Valentine's day. I made some reservation just for the heck of it. Besides, I want to have some time off from our busy life. One of my colleagues recommended a nice restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah and before Far-ouT knew it, we were booked for lunch date. The lady who took my details was very accommodating and after she got all the information she needs, I received this from my mobile. Very efficient.

Everything about the place was very detailed, stylish and fabulous. Only downside for me is when you wish to seat on their outside table, the breeze was so strong so make sure you have some protection from cold breeze, but you know what? even this was well planned. They have shawls to offer as well.

To start off, here is our starters

Sea Food Salad

Marinated vegetable, tomato caviar, aioli.

Tuna Carpaccio

King crab panacotta, asparagus, soft quail egg

I wasn't able to taste what Far-ouT ordered, simply because I didn't like look of the green salad, not the usual lettuce so I just nibbled on mine. I liked it, although the piece was very thin.

For intermediates

Gratinated Pumpkin Polenta
 Balik salmon, toasted almonds

Truffle and cauliflower Soup

Beef shortrib rilette

Far-ouT was beginning to realized he was not very lucky with his choices. I gave a small piece from his order a try and I was feeling lucky when I tasted mine. Far-ouT is not a picky eater so he was fine with his meal anyway.

Main course

Pan Fried Sea Bass

Braised savoy cabbage, veal bacon, sweet corn puree

Black Tiger Prawns

Garlic mashed potato, green beans, beurre noisette

I was already expecting the absence of the rice but of course from the minute I opened the menu, I was still wishing there would be. But the Black Tiger Prawns was to die for!  I so love it. Delicious up to the last bite. Far-ouT's main wasn't that bad as well. I'm sure he liked it too because fish is his favorite dish.

Desserts time!


Moist marmalade cake, mandarin compote, lemongrass brulee

Red Fruits

Blackcurrant jelly, strawberrymousse, raspberry sponge

I like the look of it than the taste of it. Well, I like Far-ouT's more than I like mine. But the ice cream has bit of sweet and sour combination, which is something pleasing to taste.

The Drinks

Our server offered a lot of alcoholic beverage, I wasn't up to it but Far-ouT ordered

Bacardi 8 years Rasberry Mojito.

 Premium Cuban  Rum mixed with mint, fresh limes, and raspberries

Mine was mint mocktail

Fresh lemon juice blended with mint and sugar, served with sparling water

It wasn't that bad but I should have ordered alcoholic beverage instead of a mocktail.

The table set-up was elegant

Avoid wearing clothes with the same colors as theirs though. Isn't my Starfish ring neat handling the menu. It's as if it is there for a reason.

If you are the romantic type and you want to surprise the love of your life, this is the best place to make it happen, just like the table beside us. The guy surprised his fiance with red petals shaped in a heart which was arrange by the staff prior to the couple's arrival.

Pierchic is love

Enjoy your date.

All the best,

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