Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spending the night at Holiday Inn: A Birthday treat

A day before my birthday, Far-ouT and yours truly spent some quiet moments together, and celebrated the eve of my birthday at Holiday Inn. 

Prior to that , he took me to Dinner at Dome.

This is what my Far-ouT ordered. Fries, Salad and steak.

Mine is this. Although, rice was not included on the plates, we ordered it separately.

We  were already heading to Citimax, when I asked Far-ouT if he made a reservation and he said, no need as there are plenty of rooms. Wrong! there weren't plenty enough. We checked several options but most of them are fully booked.

Good thing, I was following Holiday Inn on Twitter and get familiar with their services. It was a long shot but good thing they still have availability around 11:30 PM! Yes, we almost didn't made it to my birthday eve and was already concerned that we'll be spending the midnight on the road.

The reservation officer was very accommodating and within few minutes, we are already in our room.

The room was cozy and well maintained. Our overnight spent at Holiday Inn was comfortable as if we are only sleeping in our own bed in our flat.

I especially love their bathroom. We do not have the usual free soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and requested the same from them and within minutes, it was sent to our room.

What I always love about spending the night in hotels, aside from the nice bed to sleep on, are the free breakfast and Holiday Inn made the morning of my birthday a treat!

I love this day. Thank you Holiday Inn. My 32nd Birthday was indeed a celebration. You deserve a Clap! Clap!

And of course, my look?

My purple off-shoulder blouse was paired with my pink Jacket.

My nude colored shoulder bag.

And my floral printed shoes.

Happy Birthday to Me, (Upps! I was born 6th January. This is a delayed post)

All the best,


Kwala said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! I love your floral shoes, so girly!

and by the way... happy birthday!

A-Life said...

Awwww...thank you!