Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aldo Accessories: Oh my Starfish!

Everytime Far-ouT and yours truly went to the mall. I always check the latest accessories from Aldo. Although, I couldn't really decide what to buy, I just kept on checking from time to time.  Usually, I went home still empty handed, but not this time as I saw the cutest ring and can't help but rave about it.

I just wished t'was silver but its not, unfortunately. So I asked the lady how to take care of it since it has a tendency to discolor, she admitted that too, she said to avoid getting it wet with water and perfume. I also hope the cute shining shimering stones will not leave its places otherwise, it will just be a piece of junk as every stone counts. It wasn't cheap at all for a price of Dhs 70, that's almost Php 700-800. Let's see if Aldo accessories are good when it comes to these thingies.

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