Friday, March 13, 2015

The First Test

I, We, think, I'm Pregnant with baby no. 2! 

How's that for an introduction? I've been sitting for a few minutes now and still can't decide how to start this entry. Although, Far-ouT and I decided that it is still early to tell anyone (except my friend no1else) about the good news. Since I don't think anyone from my family and close friends are actually reading my blog, I decided to spill it out here first. 

I've done the first test this morning. I just want to check before I went for a training. I do dragon boat paddling, by the way.  Nevertheless, even when the pregnancy test showed 2 pink lines, I decided to go ahead with my sports. I don't want to feel that I am again limited with what I normally do. 


Some says that the home pregnancy test is accurate but I'm only a week's delayed from my period, that's why we are planning to have another test the following week just so to see if it will have the same result.  Maybe I would still doubt the second one though, I guess the only thing that would really make me believe is if I will missed my period for a month and a visit to the doctor.

It was again a planned pregnancy since last year, my mini-ME will turn 6 this coming June and its time for her to have a sibling. We started trying last February 2015 and it would really make us happy if indeed Baby number 2 is on the way. My mini-ME was born in the Philippines but this time we are considering giving birth in Dubai to save ourselves of some hassle. My company is only allowing 45 days maternity benefit and as you know, I need to book my flight before reaching my 8 months of pregnancy. If would only  be longer, I would still prefer to give birth in my home country. 

Anyway, I have considered several hospital and now choosing between Latifa Hospital and City Hospital. I would still be doing a lot of homework, I am all for my safety and my baby.

That would be all for now and I think you will now hear from me henceforth.

All the best,

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