Sunday, October 31, 2010

Residence Visa Stamped

Far-ouT and yours truly went to Immigration right after his work to finally arrange the residence visa stamping to my passport. It was fast as long as you will pay the corresponding amount of AED 510 for rush inclusive of typing and the stamping itself.

Good thing, Immigration is open until 8:00 PM so more will be able to process the visas after work. Its convenience especially for ladies as you will be treated as priority.

Requirements are:

Medical Result - This should be done prior to the day of your visa stamping as rush result usually takes 2 working days. Also, note that your medical are done only on Government Hospitals. Private are no longer allowed to accept this requirement. Before going to the hospital, have a typing done at a nearby place. Cost AED 400 inclusive of the typing and the medical request. Bring 2 latest passport size photo. Allot yourself 1-2 hours as they will take blood sample and x-ray, but be early. Once the process is done, you will ask to come back after 2 days (depending on how you want it done - the more expensive the faster it will be release)

Passport - Of course

Original Visa - Of course

Copy of your Husband's Contract - the one indicating the salary

Copy of your Husband's Passport and Visa page

Husband - As he needs to sign on the Visa Stamping application

My passport was stamped with the residence visa in no time. Took as only 30-45 minutes to finish everything.

Yey. Another work is done. Next would be Bella and my mom.

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