Friday, July 15, 2011

Nasi Goreng at Wild Ginger

Few days after our Wild Ginger food trip, I couldn't help but come back again and order my very own favorites. I asked Far-ouT to try it too.

I wasn't able to check the other highlights of the restaurant. Like this table and chairs.

The white and brown was a nice combination. Clean and pleasing to the eyes.

The bamboo placemats is also a good addition to the overall look of the table set-up.

The ambiance was neat.

Moving forward, instead of ordering the lemon and mint drink, Far-ouT and yours truly chose their fresh flavored Iced Tea (Dhs 12/each). I wonder what was fresh about the iced tea.

Anyway, the usual flavor is a thirst quenching nevertheless.

I came back for 2 menu, their california maki was one of them. This time I get to enjoy more,

Far-ouT also ordered chicken dimsum (Dhs 16)

Mix of cabbage, spring onion, sesame oil, with minced chicken wrapped, steamed, and pan fried, served, with homemade dumpling sauce.

For the main course, Far-ouT ordered buckwheat noodles (Dhs 28)

Japanese wheat noodles mixed with spinach, capsicum, leeks, and topped with deep fried tofu.

And the other reason why I came back is because I want to eat my very own Nasi Goreng (Dhs 32)

Indonesian styled fried rice with fried chicken, chicken satay, prawn crackers, and topped with fried egg

Thank goodness that my cravings has been fulfilled that I don't have to come back again.

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