Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sugoi - sushi and robatayaki guilt

I wonder what they mean by sushi and robatayaki guilt. So I went to my ever reliable google friend and found out that Robatayaki is the art of grilling Japanese style. Sushi, of course, is a Japanese delicacy consisting of cooked vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients (neta). Neta and forms of sushi presentation vary, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is shari. The most common neta is seafood. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese themselves.

I don't want to go further into details as I will only tell you about my experience with Sugoi. Well, nothing much actually, its just one of the lazy days that we opt to go to foodcourt and just randomly select from the wide range of restaurants and fast foods. One of the lazy days means most the time.

Anyway, I wasn't up to fancy restaurant at the moment, just want to grab a bite and appease my grumbling stomach.

But if this is what you call grab a bite, I don't know what "I want to eat" would mean. Haha!

With of course, something of their maki

That made me want to hit myself for ordering the wrong one. I did not enjoy it that much

And the last but not the least,

You may be wondering what Far-ouT had ordered, well, chicken from KFC.

So if there come a time when you don't know what food you wanted to eat and you don't share the same liking at that particular moment, then food court is the best place to go, if you don't mind the styro and using plastic spoon and fork that is.

Happy eating!

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