Saturday, January 7, 2012

Different countries from all over the world

Have you ever got the chance to tour the world? Those people who has money to spare and travel from country to country are to envy for. Hahaha! I would love to do the same but was not lucky enough to see beautiful places aside from my home country, Singapore, where we had our honeymoon and my current residence in Dubai. Do I have to mention, Kish Iran and Khassab Oman? Where I had to exit during my change of visa days?

I am not losing hope - someday I would travel the places that I would love to visit. But for now, Global Village will do. Located in Dubailand, Emirates Road.

Entrance to Global Village

Ticket is AED 10.00 each.

This is where people of different nationality meet and gather together to enjoy the flavor of shopping, cultural entertainment and shows.

Global Village are collection of pavilions representing the different countries from all over the world like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they get to showcase their culture and products to tourists

Aside from enjoying the sights and scenes of the different countries, Global Village also have rides for the families to enjoy for a minimal amount.

Like this Ferris wheel which was so high that I didn't even dare think of riding it.

It is recommended to visit Global Village during winter to enjoy the cold air of the night and the lights and sounds of the place

When you visit Dubai, this is one of the places you should come and see


All the best.

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