Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dubai Marathon 2012

One of the things I miss back home were the sports activities that I get to join. Every now and then there are dragon boat races to participate, mountains to climb, pools to swim, places to bike. A very active living makes life easier and stress busted. I shouldn't be whining about this I know. Good thing, our company thought about monthly social activities organized by group of employees every month starting last January 2012. I never missed one. I went to each and every one of them. I may be able to blog about it soon. I will request premission first for the photos to upload so I can share it with you. For the meantime, one of our activities that I get to join is the Dubai Marathon. I love running, I feel rusty now. Can't run in Dubai as much as I wanted to. Seasons here are just too extreme. Summer and Winter. but when I get the chance I grab it and enjoy the running.

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2012 is one the most awaited event in the United Arab Emirates due to its popularity with the fame and fortune awaiting the lucky winners. I am proud to be a participant, just for fun, nothing more nothing less. 3 kilometers run was our company entry.

Before the race course.

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

After the event.

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

Just one more shot

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

The runners

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

The 3K finisher

Behind is the famous Burj Khalifa. This is our official run shirt, although from the top photos you have seen us in our orange company uniform

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

I plan to join the next one 2013 for a 10K run.

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