Friday, January 13, 2012

Dubai Garden in SZR

Hey guys! Have you ever visited Dubai Garden in Sheikh Zayed Road? Most of us may not even heard about it. Especially in a place surrounded by deserts and sands. We may even think that the only plant that can survive in the Middle East are cactus. But no, Dubai is nothing but. Every season you will see different kinds and colors of flowers and plants. Although these are planted, they made sure every road has its colorful environment. Their Government is really taking care of their emirates.

Honestly, gardening never interest me. But having a nice medium size balcony, I think I may consider putting some flora to it. During one fine friday afternoon, yours truly and my family visited Dubai Garden location along SZR. It was an fun filled day, something that you might also find interesting.

This is the view of the garden. The place offers a lot of flowers and plants that you can plant on your own garden.

I took the photo from atop where the playground is located.

This is where you can leave your children while you are doing your shopping. But of course, never leave them unattended.

The garden was well-organized for easier plant shopping.

They even beautify the place with fountain and displays

If you are already tired and having a hard time choosing which plants to take home, they offer these resting areas outside.

But they also have a coffee shop inside where you can take time out and think. Dubai garden have other products like garden soil, seeds, pots and garden tools.

We now have few flowers in our little garden. Hopefully, I would be interested in taking care of them, but for now, my mame is doing the gardening. We plan to take care of some herbs later on. I would be giving you a separate post for different plants so you may have an idea on what to buy if you are also interested to take a plant home.

Go green and happy gardening.

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