Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something to look forward to for 2012

Happy New Year 2012, Everyone. That's the only sentence I could think of to start with this post. I really don't have much topic left and since this is the 1st day of 2012. I will keep it short and simple.

Few days before the year 2011 ends, I kept thinking of any New Year's resolution to start my year. But beside totally stop my little vices, No, I won't reveal it here, I couldn't think of any. I just thought that I would rather just let it be and if fate permits - then so be it. Maybe buy at least 1 item per month for me, like office attire or a nice shoes. Am I being to selfish? Anyway, as I said, if fate permits. Hahaha!

What I want to be more conscious about is seriously start saving. There might be again another major turn of event - as we plan to have another child this year. But this is remain to be seen as Bella will also start her schooling soon. Ohhh! I am getting overwhelmed now. I will just take it one at a time.

My wish? A new job offer or salary increase - what a good day to start the year, if one of these may come true.

One more thing - This may be a long shot but my dream is really for my blog to be recognize and be famous.Also, many more twitter followers to come.

All the best,

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