Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Farewell At The Warehouse, Le Meridien

February is almost ending, I have few entries more for the Love month. I will start of with see you someday...

As the saying goes, nothing is permanent in this world but change or better yet, let me rephrase that: Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever, the same. 

How do handle changes? Is it difficult for you to get along with new people? I think for me, I am susceptible to separation anxiety, I don't easily open myself to anyone and so I hate when people leave, friends or colleague who became part of of your life one way or the other. But life is like that so instead of wallowing to the feeling, I let myself go to another direction. I remembered, my mom once told me, I'm emotionally unresponsive, I believe she's right somehow. Its better that way - we cannot always hold on to things or people. I don't let my guard down most of the time.

Enough of the heavy, I just actually want to share with you a farewell party we had in Warehouse, Le Meridien. Great Food, Creative Drinks and Fantastic music!

For AED 220/pax, we enjoyed array of food buffet paired with International beers or wine at the European style cafe bar and garden

Photocredits to my colleague, Sylvia (her Iphone6 is better than iPhone 5)

It was a fantastic night. I want to say THANK YOU! to the most amazing and coolest boss who taught me a lot in her 2 years of stay. I will not say goodbye, I believe that's one of the bullsh*tiest words ever inventedbecause maybe, someday we might bump into each other again.

All the best,

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