Friday, February 27, 2015

Carluccio's Italian Restaurant

Its never too late to post a Valentine's entry, right? And since tomorrow would be the last day of the Love month, let me share with you where Far-ouT took his Vdates:

The common beliefs is that Italians invented Pizza so the first thing that comes to mind is Italian Pizza since Italy's version of the dish, is the one we are familiar with - tomato, cheese and other toppings and seasonings. But its origin goes back to ancient times. which I prefer not to go further. 

Moving forward, We dine in at Carluccio's in Dubai Mall. 

Far-out ordered Focaccia  - Home-baked Ligurian bread made with extra virgin olive oil, with balsamic vinegar for dipping. Unfortunately, they don't serve complimentary bread so we had to order  from their Stuzzichini (small Italian plates)

My mini-ME's meal was from the Kids Meal of course, Pasta Alla Puttanesca with apple juice and garlic bread, but we requested the server to separate the pasta sauce,  I don't know where it started but just like how she refuse to use tissue, Bella doesn't like the red sauce at all.

My choice were from their set-meal for Valentines. From the Primi (first courses) Zuppe

I was on the safe side this time so I ordered something familiar to my taste. Lasagna Tradizionale - layers of egg pasta with tomato, ground beef and lamb and b√©chamel sauce. I made a note to myself that I am not a fan of Italian Pasta. I don't know, maybe its just me. 

Pizza is nothing impressive as well. Prosciutto - Thinly sliced long-cured Parma ham with half a ball of Buffalo mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil

At least the desserts were fine. Nothing can go wrong with chocolates right? Dolce Di Cioccolato - A warm chocolate pudding based with almonds and kahlua and served with vanilla ice cream.

Still a lovely lunch. But we decided this would be the first and last though.

Happy Valentine's Day!

All the best,

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