Saturday, February 21, 2015

Charm Restaurant

There is always something exotic about Thai cuisine. With its Balance, detail and variety. So when one of my colleagues invited us for a dinner in Charm restaurant to celebrate her birthday, I immediately tag myself along, anything about food is interesting to me, especially, when its free.

The place is located at the Fishing Harbour in Jumeirah 1. I was impressed with the great sea view. It was quiet and serene. I would recommend this restaurant if you plan to have a date with your love ones or planning to have a quiet marriage proposal. Just the two of you - Saving yourself of embarrassment if she said no. Kidding!

But seriously, I wouldn't want to put myself into that situation. Like a flashmob kind of proposal. What if the girl is not ready yet to marry you, but you leave her no choice but to say yes? Because she wants to save you from shame to all those people you invited to witness the event. Family and Friends are fine, I guess, if you are really the type of person who wants everybody to see - but for me, Its like a shotgun wedding. I watched a few YouTube videos and I was like, such a pity. I don't find it romantic at all, most especially if its in public. Imagine all those strangers looking forward to see you said yes. You won't feel the moment. You will be more like self-conscious with the whole situation.

Anyway - Excuse me, but I wasn't able to take decent photos because of the lighting.

These delicious Thai recipes are combination of hot, sour, sweet, salty flavors.

Pandan - Deep fried  marinated chicken, pandan leaves wrapped, with panda sauce.

Satay - Grilled marinated chicken, turmeric, coconut milk, lemongrass, peanut sauce

Crispy glory - Tempura morning glory, prawns, ground peanuts, roasted coconut flakes, spicy sweet and sour

Green curry - Green curry, Thai eggplant, baby eggplant, sweet basil, coconut milk, and chicken (other selection are beef or prawns)

Charm chicken - Grilled chicken, Thai herbs, serve with sticky rice, sweet chili sauce, spicy tamarind sauce

I'm sorry, I have yet to know this viand - after several days of discussion with my colleagues, I am betting on Basil - sautéed duck, holy basil leaves, roasted garlic chili sauce

Who would enjoy all those meal without rice? Rice that most Filipinos can't leave without

By the way, they served us unlimited hot tea.

As they always say, People who love to eat are always the best people

All the best,

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