Monday, February 23, 2015

Cruise on a Yacht

I have been in a hiatus. Because of a lot of interruptions I had from 2014, my blog was neglected  for a very long time. I tried keeping up but still could not cope up so I decided to have a break to relieve me of the stress I am feeling for not being up to date with my entries - yes I am THAT affected. Anyways, I kept my Instagram updated instead for the time being. What I love about Instagram is you only get to choose the best photo to post and it tells a story just as well as a large amount of descriptive text.

Moving on, I want to share with you one of the best time I had in 2014, our department won the best team award from Southeast Asia and the Middle East, as a reward we spent our cash reward in a 3 hour cruise on a yacht. Cool, right? Start and End point is the Firsherman's Village in Jumeirah. We also get to enjoy from the package unlimited soda/water/ice. Total price is AED 2300 plus AED 350 for a banana boat ride

It was an awesome experience not only because I get the opportunity to experience it for the first time but also because it was part of my A-List.

All the best,

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