Saturday, January 29, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen in Dubai

We've been in the market yesterday to search for our tent to be use for our event this coming February.

It would be an overnight event at the desert and winter is not yet over so it would be cold out there. We are preparing for it to be a comfortable and an enjoyable night for all of us. I have been in desert safari once but this would be a different experience as we would be traveling the desert at night. Something freaky driving our in the dark with almost zero visibility? I don't know, I am yet to answer my own theory.

We decided to go to Mall of the Emirates to find the suitable tent for us. Just for this night. We were kindda planning to buy a high end tent like NorthFace. Something that we can use for our future climbs. Besides Far-ouT's old tent is a conjugal property of him and his bestfriend which was left behind in the latter's safe keeping. However, his plans change at the last minute so we decided to buy the cheapest one and save the the northface tent on a later shopping list.

Of course my stomach never failed to amaze me. We just arrive at the mall and yet, it was already starving. Good thing we chance upon California Pizza Kitchen. Actually, this will be my third time to dine in it. But the first and second time was when I was still in the Philippines, Greenbelt for both occasions.  

I just can't remember if the CPK's in the Philippines also have open kitchen like this, for obvious reason that they wanted their customers to know that they observe cleanliness.

Also, most of the servers were Aseans and they were very accommodating, in every sense of the word that is, they check on us more than the number of times that you wanted someone to disturb your quiet moment with your food. But anyway, we couldnt afford to be rude as they were really up to customer satisfaction.

The dining area was also a cozy place to stay.

a bar?


Of to our orders, they first served our drinks. Far-ouT had Maui Punch (Dhs 20.00), a combination of orange and pineapple juices with a splash of grenadine, served over ice.

While yours truly tasted their Strawberry Flavored Iced Tea (Dhs 12). I didn't quite enjoyed it at first because I didn't get to taste the fruit in it so I asked for sugar but was offered strawberry syrup instead that made the taste better.

For starter, we ordered Waldorf Chicken Salad (Dhs 33). A rendition of a NYC favorite. Field greens, chilled-grilled chicken breast, seedless grapes, green apples, candied walnuts, celery and Gorgonzola cheese, Tossed in Gorgonzola ranch dressing. We chose the half servings as it already good for two.

Everything was fresh. Gorgonzola cheese was a first but I didn't like it that much because of its sour taste but when you combined everything in one bite, it was not that bad at all especially with the candied walnuts.

We also ordered our pasta.

and of course the Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza (dhs 48) with fresh pineapple, BBQ chicken, Gouda and mozzarella cheeses, barbecue sauce, sliced red onions and cilantro. The barbecue sauce was sweeter than the last time I remembered it. So far, it was delicious. But I have to say I love the thin crust more than the thick ones as it was crunchie and taste just the way I like it.

I just love pineapple in Pizzas!

For dessert, their Chocolate Souffle made our dine in experience a delight.

It was a delicious chocolate souffle cake, served warm with triple-thick hot fudge on vanilla bean sauce. You have the choice to add Vanilla Ice Cream (Dhs 10.00)

All those foods expecting us to eat in one small plate.  I just can't get it with all those big servings. Oh, is pizza and pasta finger foods? hahaha! I guess not. Sorry I had to request one more of this.

There were still glitches on the taste unlike the CPK in the Philippines, nevertheless, we still totally enjoyed the food.

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