Friday, January 21, 2011

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2011

Been trying my best to touch my blog for days now. But I don't seem to know what to blog. I think I run out of topic. I've been struggling to keep it updated and it end up idle again. I have nothing much on my mind lately to put in writing excepts for a few things that I bought from sale. I think I am my best with photos, a better view to describe it.

Yours truly received a gift certificate worth Dhs 50.00, that is about Php 500.00 something. I was being careful to use it for something worth buying for. I getting frustrated as I have no idea what to buy with it.

After several scanning store to store and considering few options, I finally found the best item that I've been wanting for sometime now. New pair of shoes. I have this crazy idea of actually owning a red stilletos but with trying a few ones, I changed my mind for the reason that I am not used to wearing even high heeled shoes so the best alternative that I came up with is a pump shoes from H&M. Cost around Dhs 100. Using the certificate plus around AED Dirhams, it was all mine.

I was so delighted when I laid my eyes on it, as I know its  "the one!" It was even the last pair available exactly my size! I was destined to own it.

So I wore it on the first available opportunity, Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 (DSF). The event started yesterday. It runs for a whole month, where you can find the big SALE sign on almost every store in Dubai. I was able to buy some few stuff but its rather frustrating to see those bags, shoes, accessories on SALE but don't have all the resources to buy them all. Safest way to prevent you from credit card debt is to stay at home and do online "window" shopping, exactly what I am doing right now.

Also, this is the first time that I was able to visit Iconic in City Centre, Deira. The store have a lot of stuff to offer. Far-ouT was able to buy some new clothes on sale as well which he needs as he was transferred from Customer Service Department to Sales.

I just can't resist to asked Far-ouT to take a picture of me with the mannequin on the bench with me wearing my high heeled pump shoes paired with my old jeans, Maldita white blouse and Diesel jacket. Bag was a gift from Far-ouT sometime back from Charles and Keith. I know I was not comfortable with the shoes but for the sake of wanting to be more girlee like just for this very day, I oblige.

On a different note, I am quite the multi tasker right at this very moment, writing blog, watching bella sleeping, monitoring our moving crew from an office job, reading blogs, and checking some great stuff on the internet that I wish I will have in this lifetime. I am not materialistic, mind you. I just want to possess things I can call my own, items that came from my hard work. But I am patiently waiting for my turn to get it, as we are still saving up for the upcoming reunion with my Bella.

My mom was telling me stories about my little girl. I don't know if it is normal for toddler her age to be such a brat. One thing, I don't like to happen to her was to have bad behavior like hitting other kids and adults. But recently, she's been pulling hairs, hitting, scratching other people then making a habit of kissing afterwards. It may seem sweet but still, hurting is not a good practice. I wish I was there to break those wrong ways. One more thing, Bella can speak only few words at 1 year and 7 monts. I hope she'll be able to have more words in the days to come. Her pedia assured that its fine until she reach 2 years old, otherwise, it would be better to take her to a specialist. But let us see, I hope everything is in line with her development.

I dont want to get excited this early but I will be anyway, only 2 more months and I will be able to kiss and hug my Bella again. I can't wait to be a mother again to my precious little Bella. I have this tiny apprehension that I don't want to entertain. Will I be able to take care of her even with a demanding job? Will there be someone who can take care of her when we are not available during the day? Will it be better for her to stay with us in a foreign country? Will she adapt to the environment and not be influence with other kids? Can we provide for all her needs. All these are some of the lingering feeling that I am scared of. I still want to instill good values that we Filipino have.

All these question will be answered once we take the plunge. We can do it. We will do it. Have faith.

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