Monday, January 24, 2011

Scarves and Mufflers Birthday Party

We have been, for the longest time, searched every possible venue for the big event for January. Yours truly and 2 other flatmates have decided to celebrate our birthdays on the same day, not only to save us money but we wanted it to really be something. Something that we can post on our Facebook account. Haha! I initially suggested a Mardi Gras Celebration, however, lack of time prevented me to actually execute the entire theme. Besides, hotel apartments were fully booked for the whole month of January so that was another problem. I am saving the theme for another occasion in the future.

We drove around town to check out some places for the party and came across Pita Restaurant in Bur Dubai. The restaurant is kindda new, became operational only a few months back. When we entered the area, we were welcomed by a number of Filipinos eating. So we thought that the place may be a good party venue.

We were shown at the second floor of the restaurant that serves as their function room. We were surprised that the area was not at all bad. We were not expecting it to be something A-OK. I mean, nothing fancy for a restaurant but it was not bad either. Big area, a stage, disco lights, wash rooms and karaoke bar.

They also have packages that is friendly on the pocket. Once you avail of it, the function room is already free of charge. Balloon inclusive. They have agreed to arrange the table settings as well according to our theme. Isn't that a big catch already?! And so we decided to hold the party here. We only heard a few recommendations from friends but we kept our fingers crossed and go with the flow.

On the day of the party, we went already to check the place prior to the arrival of our guests. The table setting and the balloon set-up was not that impressive. The songs from the karaoke was not updated. But all in all, the look was fine. The set-up at the Buffet area was neatly done as well.

And the most important part of is all is the food! Everthing was deli! We all enjoyed it so much and the fillings were over flowing, we all had our share of packed lunch the following day.

The Buffet package that we have chosen is Dhs 40/head minimum of 30 pax, inclusive of water and sofdrinks. This consists of


Corn and Crab Soup

Green Salad


Grilled Chicken

Beef Kare-Kare

Sweet and Sour Fish

Buko Pandan

Highly recommended! Try it!.

And to make the celebration more enjoyable, we added a touch of glam on our party. Every one attending should wear muffler and scarf. It is a Scarves and Mufflers Birthday Party!

Yours truly is wearing black sleeveless top from Zara, Scarf and accessory by Iconic, Pants by Mango, Shoes by H&M, Bag by Aldo.

and the uber all look?

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