Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fujiyama, Japanese Food

I was never a fan of Japanese foods, especially sushi and maki but I love shrimp and their food has the shrimp teriyaki. During the Christmas holidays, we often roam around to search for items for exchange gifts and since Burjuman mall is just a walking distance. It is often the destination for buying stuff.

My flatmate and yours truly decided to get some food first before walking home again. I remembered that during my first few months of pregnancy, I was really having a hard time eating food that I will not vomit and one of them is shrimp tempura. I ate it almost everyday, my love affair with the food ended when I found myself vomiting it again.

And now, I am back in Fujiyama to revived by short-lived relationship with the japanese food.

Fujiyama. Japanese food at a very affordable price with big servings to appease my hungry stomach.

I also learned something out of it, the difference between Teppanyaki and Teriyaki which I didn't know and hadn't had time to check my bestfriend, google.

This is Chicken teriyaki and shrimp Tempura.

My flatmate ordered the Teppanyaki

Which I like better than what I ordered. But at least now I know the difference between the 2.

Pair it with these sauces and you will never go wrong with the taste.

Simply yummy.

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