Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Venue

Again, the last minute preparation in me took over once again so now, I am not in the position to choose anything at all. I am left with few options. Mcdonald's Jumeirah Beach Road and Mcdonald's Spinney's in Bur Dubai. I want to hit myself for not inquiring earlier, Friday and Saturday are fully booked already so we were left with Sunday option, which mind you is a working day in Dubai. Arrrgh! I was actually, thinking of booking Mcdonald's Jumeirah branch because it is near our office, however, since the Mcdonald's in Spinney's Bur Dubai is nearer our place, we decided to hold Bella's party there.

Awww, my Bella will be 2 years old in a few weeks.

She is learning to talk now, thank God!

Anyway, when I inquired on both branches, one thing I noticed is that, the crew in the Jumeirah Beach road branch are more accommodating than the ones in the Spinney's Bur Dubai branch. I was already on the verge of backing out because they have a lot of dont's. One, I can only bring cake. Two, I cannot have a theme of my own except Mcdonald's which I understand but don't intend to follow. Sorry, but I have plans and lots of pinwheels! I don't think it will affect Mr Mcdonald's at all. Three, they only have Hamburglar as their mascot! Excuse me, but he is not so pretty at all! Four, I cannot bring extra balloons. They said, they will prepare everything for us. But I want to bring extra balloons to spruce up the place! I cannot even design my centertable. I was getting frustrating but then again, I have to look at the bright side of things.

This branch can accommodate maximum of 50 pax, unlike the other one which is limited to 40 pax.

They also have play area for the kids, party venue is located on the 2nd floor though but it really doesn't matter.

It much cheaper to hold party in Mcdonald's. I do not have to prepare the invitations, souvenirs, host, party hats. They have games, music, treats and entertainment. So I have to put aside my ideas just for this one, but not all. Mcdonald's in Dubai have limited foods as well, they do not have what we have in the Philippines like spaghetti, Rice and Chicken with Gravy and other foods that kids will surely enjoy and unfortunately, were also not allowed to bring. Its not what I wanted but this is what we have right now so make the most out of it again.

All we did was to pay Dhs 100.00 as reservation fee and just show up on the day of the party. This is the first time that I will have a Mcdonald's party and the first time that I am not the hands-on on party planning but I hope that Bella will enjoy her party. Its hers anyway.

Their party package includes
  • Celebrant's gift
  • Goody bags for kids
  • Party Games: 3-4 games and Prizes for the winners
  • Mcdonaldland Character appearance (hamburglar)
  • free party favors (Invitation cards, party hats, balloons, decorations)
Should you wish to hold your kids party in Mcdonald's Spinneys in Bur Dubai, you may contact them at telephone number 04-3592213.

Hope that Mcdonald's will make my Bella's party a hit! Just like her first.

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