Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dubai Visa Application Procedure

We are now in the process of preparing Bella and Mame's travelling to Dubai. First of, better ready all your requirements ahead of time so you will not be cramming with the requirements.

I would suggest to start getting the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee from Philippine Consulate in Dubai located in Al Ghusais. Better go early as there are so many Filipinos who are also queuing to get the document. Cost is Dhs 200.00 Once this has been applied, you are scheduled to return after 10 working days.

Once this is done, the next best thing to do is to apply for the residence visa. Assuming that the birth certificate of your child is already authenticated at the UAE Embassy in Manila, before proceeding, you still have to go to an office in Bur Dubai where they would require to stamp the document again. This is important as officers from Foreign affairs will check this. Prior to applying for the visa, what we did was to check the flights available since we are in a rush. I need the schedule to coincide with my vacation leave from the company so I may take care of Bella for the a few days. It was difficult to book a flight as most airlines are already full and the available ones are expensive. Nevertheless, we were able to reserve the flights but be sure to pay as it will only be valid for 3 days. When all is well, we went to Foreign Affairs to apply for residence visa for Bella and 3 months long term visit visa for Mame.

First procedure is to go to the nearest typing center inside the compound of the Foreign Affairs.

Bring with you the passport copy of the applicant and 1 x passport size photo (white background) and the passport copy of the Sponsor. They will then type all the necessary information for the application. Amount is Dhs 270 per application.

You may pay the amount for the visa. Then once it is settled, they will print and request you to check all the entered details.

Carefully check the information before proceeding.

Once this is done, you may go inside the office. Please note, when you come inside the main door (directly in front of the big gate),

there would be 2 sliding doors inside, the one on your left are for Residence Visa application, here we have applied Bella’s visa, aside from the application, sponsor's labor contract will be requested, salary should be Dhs 5,000 and above.

Get a number from the information

and wait for your turn

It only took us less than 10 minutes to apply and residence visa is on hand.

The right sliding door are the ones for Visit Visa application.

We are still in the process of preparing for the residence visa of mame so we opt to get her on a visit visa for the time being. Procedure will be just the same. The sponsor, which is Far-ouT in this case, will be asked for the copy of your labor contract - salary required as mentioned earlier would be Dhs 5,000, bring a copy of your emirates ID just in case the officer will request for it. Long term visit fee is Dhs 1000, knowledge fee Dhs 10, Health Insurance fee 50, Service fee Dhs 110.00. Deposit is another Dhs 1000. This is refundable once Mame leaves the country or we may use it once we have applied for her residency.

On the same day, we have paid the air ticket for Bella and Mame and they are coming very soon!

Trivia: Did you know that Bella was still considered as infant and we only paid Dhs 350 for her in Emirates Airlines. Be sure to schedule your baby before they reach the 2 years of age on their scheduled flight though, otherwise, they won't be allowed to check in.
Hope this helps!

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