Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating 3 years at Medzo in Wafi City

Not long time ago, I was only preparing for our wedding and now we are already celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. Nothing has change really, it made us even stronger and closer to each other. I asked Far-ouT when will he ask me again to marry him and he said, hmm, that may be on our silver anniversary. I answered back, that's too far! But deep in my heart, it really doesn't matter. As long as we get along well, we're happy being together, keeping the love and respect alive, I'll be fine. I know this is not a perfect world, there would definitely be ups and down in a relationship, I have not encounter a major one as yet, but I will be ready for it, we will be ready for it. Besides, 8 years of being together is not something that you can just throw and forget.

To celebrate our 3 years together as husband and wife, my Far-ouT took me to a fine dining experience! Not again! No rice venue is a pain in my stomach. Haha!

Just looking at the chandeliers, this is definitely fine dining.

Glasses, spoon and forks, overall table set-up is spelled fine dining. Arrgh!

Apologies for the dim light, its part of being in a fine dining restaurant. I actually chose a table with a much lighter area for my photos but still my ever reliable mobile phone couldn't capture the nice place.

I was surprised to see 2 dips for their complimentary bread, not the usual butter spread. Far-ouT was not sure what were the dips, so we asked our server and he was accommodating enough to explained to us. The Green colored one is Saffron infused in extra virgin olive oil and the dark one is balsamic vinegar. and both are good. Something new for my personal sense of taste.

We already ordered our main course and were left to order for the drinks. We scanned the menu and couldn't find Iced tea on their list. So I asked if it was available. The food server said they could come up with something. Hmm, strange that they do not have the usual iced tea. But then again, they have alcoholic beverages.

Since they don't have this on their menu, its quite bland. They improvised for an iced tea drinker and not sosyal enough to order wine me. Hahaha!

For our appetizer, I am beginning to think that I am ordering the same colored ones since our Royal Ascott Hotel date. But this is definitely yummier. I swear.

This is Asparagus and spinach soup (Dhs 39.00). It has wild mushroom and ricotta tortellini, parmesan cheese may be added.

Far-ouT entree is called Tuna 'crudo' with olive oil, poached cherry tomatoes, and fresh crab (Dhs 72.00). With the price, this will cover the main course as well. Haha!

Since this is an Italian Restaurant, he wanted to taste their Pizza (Dhs 72.00). Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes and roquette.

This is Mezzo Pizza, original thin and crispy pizza from the wood oven.

And below is my main course. I shamelessly asked for rice but to no avail.

Even without the visible sight of rice, this is definitely worth trying. Tastefully delicious. Olive oil and herb roasted corn fed chicken, Jerusalem artichoke, and smoked potato tortellini, sauteed wild mushrooms (Dhs 95.00)

And for dessert, we had cappuccino chocolate soufflé with a side of vanilla sauce.

It was so airy it nearly floated off the plate, with edges that were slightly caramelised.

Ambiance was definitely a plus.

The bar.

And the pianist.

We even dressed up for this occasion as well.

More years to come.

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