Friday, May 6, 2011

Taza Restaurant

Busy season is coming and I am feeling it the effect as early as now. I may have to expect some overtime work from June until September, what else is knew? I am dragging it as I am imagining how busy it would really be but I dont want to think about it for the meantime as I will take some time out from work to relax and enjoy my little girl before reality checks in again.

One of the days where we had to stay late again to be updated ,colleagues and yours truly decided to grab a bite from Taza Restaurant. I am seeing it everyday but not really paying much attention to it. It just so happen that it was the nearest food chain along the way. But good thing that we have chosen to eat here, though they have limited menus, their chicken is really tasty

They also have big servings of 4 chicken on this plate,

And they have this cute bread (sorry, don't know how they call it) that are freshly baked. This is where they baked it. It the bread that pops. Haha! Because from tiny piece of flour, once they placed it under heat, it pops

They also have the barbeque chicken, its also delicious but be sure to eat immediately because it tends to harden when its cold already

I want rice!!!

Even with weird taste, I still enjoyed the taste of it. Intriguing really


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